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How Search Engine Optimization Works

Search engines look for many factors contained within an entire website. They look at how a website structures its code, is the content on the website relevant, how is the that content structured, and so on and so forth. Some of the grading rubric is an exact science, some of it is kept under wraps in order to keep the “product” of search viable. Periodically, search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) will update their algorithms and subject matter experts get together to siphon through the secret sauce and come up with optimization methods they believe are successful.

Stand out in the crowd!
We believe we have the best optimization methods available for the latest search engine algorithms.

Take a look are the Priority Placement Media SEO Packages.

BASIC SEO Optimization

Package Includes
  • We will optimize up to 7 web pages on your website.
  • Focus on up to 6 industry/topic specific keywords.
  • Includes on-page optimizations (changes to the code, content, images, links, etc.)
  • Optimize Meta/head content (title, description, open graph,, twitter card tagging**, and more).
  • Google + Page creation and initial setup
  • Google, Quantcast Analytics installed and setup
  • Basic NAP Syndication (this service lists your company across many directories)
  • Setup Robots.txt file (makes sure search engines are searching all applicable pages)
  • Includes site monitoring and adjustments (taking performance information adjusting your website monthly).
  • Social Media Sharing links – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and more.**
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BEST SEO Optimization

Package Includes
  • Includes all options in Basic & Intermediate SEO Optimization Package (except where specified).
  • Optimizing up to 20 web pages of your website.
  • Focus on up to 12 industry/topic specific keywords.
  • Advanced NAP Syndication (get your business listed on all major relevant directories on the web)
  • 3 syndicated (shared) blog postings per month
  • 3 syndicated (shared) Articles per month
  • 10 external Industry/topic contributions (blurbs) per month
  • 15 external instances of quality conversation engagement per month
  • 2 Visual content piece: Infographic, chart, comic, meme, template, or download
  • 1 Case Study Creation (taking a success story and sharing it out)
  • Substitute/Complimentary link strategy (boosts your content)
  • 1 Press Release syndicated (shared)
  • Premium Infographic (up to 7 datapoints on your industry)
  • 5 syndicated (shared) industry content/tool/service/ reviews (e.g. product reviews)
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